The majority of the staff has been at South Hull for many years and has created a very cohesive unit. The talent of each staff member is appreciated and used to benefit the whole school community. Staff members have individual talents in a variety of areas, including: music, fine arts, drama, dance, creative writing, athletics, organization, and technology. These skills allow for a diversified program at our school.



By working cooperatively, South Hull fosters an environment:

  • That strengthens both the school population and its individual members;
  • Where each student is encouraged to set achievable goals;
  • Where failure is a way to find out how to improve;
  • Where everyone shares a sense of belonging and safety;
  • Where there is a sense of fun; and
  • Where one finds a sense of freedom and choice.

Take a look at our Welcome Back video for 2019 here.

2020-2021 Staff


Céline Sévigny Principal
Mark Keeping Vice-Principal

Office & Support Staff

Lucie Aumond School Secretary
Linda Hennink School Secretary
Penny Benoit Behaviour Technician
Peggy Bowen Ladybug Cafeteria
Ernie Adams Daytime Caretaker
Martin Glandon Evening Caretaker

Teaching Staff

Chris Beauchamp Grade 5/6 English
Brigitte Beaudin Grade 3/4 Immersion
Pierre Brodeur Specialist – Phys. Ed.
Lyne Charlebois Grade 2 Immersion
Sylvie Charlebois Grade 4 Immersion
Jennifer Christie Kindergarten/Grade 1 English
Elyse Clark Grade 1 Immersion
Sarah Clarke Grade 4/5 English
Gianfranco Dandrea Specialist – FSL
Michelle Fournier Specialist – Phys. Ed.
Edith Gonçalves Grade 1/2 English
Oulai Goue Grade 3 Immersion
Lisa Ienzi Specialist – Resource
Diana Kabbabeh Specialist – ELA
Stephanie Lalor Grade 2/3 English
Paul Lamarche Grade 6 English
Marian Leimovici Grade 4 English
Johanne Lemaire Kindergarten Immersion
Emma Martin Grade 3 English
Kimberley McCready Specialist – ELA
Amber Olmstead Grade 6 Immersion
Zachary Peltz Grade 5/6 Immersion
Syobhan Pétrin Grade 1/2 Immersion
Kim Poudrier Kindergarten Immersion
Fanny Thiéfin Grade 5 Immersion
Valérie Trudel Grade 2 Immersion


Kimberley Allen
Chantal Bell
Penny Benoit
Kari LeBlanc
Kelly O’Connell
Angela Sauvé
Nadia Shattler
Katsia Shebetava

Daycare & Noon-Hour Educators 

Norma Splane Daycare Technician
Kim Allen Daycare/Noon-Hour
Chantal Bell Daycare/Noon-Hour
Heather Clarke Bender Daycare/Noon-Hour
Genevieve Derouin Daycare/Noon-Hour
Angie Forgie Noon-Hour
Tammy Lavallée Noon-Hour
Kelly O’Connell Daycare/Noon-Hour
Angela Sauvé Daycare/Noon-Hour
Nadia Shattler Noon-Hour
Katsia Shebetava Noon-Hour
Cinzia Strizzi Daycare/Noon-Hour
Laura Thomas Daycare/Noon-Hour