The majority of the staff has been at South Hull for many years and has created a very cohesive unit. The talent of each staff member is appreciated and used to benefit the whole school community. Staff members have individual talents in a variety of areas, including: music, fine arts, drama, dance, creative writing, athletics, organization, and technology. These skills allow for a diversified program at our school.



By working cooperatively, South Hull fosters an environment:

  • That strengthens both the school population and its individual members;
  • Where each student is encouraged to set achievable goals;
  • Where failure is a way to find out how to improve;
  • Where everyone shares a sense of belonging and safety;
  • Where there is a sense of fun; and
  • Where one finds a sense of freedom and choice.

Take a look at our Welcome Back video for 2019 here.

2019-2020 Staff


Céline Sévigny Principal
Mark Keeping Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Lucie Aumond School Secretary
Linda Hennink School Secretary
Penny Benoit Behaviour Technician
Peggy Bowen Ladybug Cafeteria
Tony Peck Daytime Caretaker
Jason Sofalvi Evening Caretaker

Teaching Staff – Immersion Homeroom

Johanne Lemaire Kindergarten
Kim Poudrier Kindergarten
Elyse Clark Kindergarten/Grade 1
Lyne Charlebois Grade 1
Syobhan Pétrin Grade 1/2
Sylvie Giroux Grade 2
Maria-Teresa Mastrocola Grade 3
Sylvie Charlebois Grade 3/4
Brigitte Beaudin Grade 4
Zachary Peltz Grade 5
Valérie Trudel Grade 5/6
Amber Olmstead Grade 6

Teaching Staff – English Homeroom

Jennifer Christie Kindergarten
Edith Gonçalves Grade 1/2
Krista Parlee Grade 2
Kayla Fitzpatrick Grade 3
Marian Leimovici Grade 3/4
Julie Sauvé Grade 4/5
Chris Beauchamp Grade 5/6
Paul Lamarche Grade 6

Teaching Staff – Specialists

Pierre Brodeur Physical Education
Michelle Fournier Physical Education
Lynne Hamilton French Second Language
Lisa Ienzi English Resource
Kathy Klein English Language Arts/Science
Heidi von Graevenitz English Language Arts

Attendants to the Handicapped

Kimberley Allen
Chantal Bell
Kelly O’Connell
Nadia Shattler
Katsia Shebetava
Carole Yelle

Daycare / Noon-Hour

Norma Splane Daycare Technician
Kimberley Allen Daycare/Noon-Hour
Chantal Bell Daycare/Noon-Hour
Heather Clarke Bender Daycare/Noon-Hour
Genevieve Derouin Daycare/Noon-Hour
Tammy Hodgins Daycare/Noon-Hour
Tammy Lavallée Noon-Hour
Mark Marsolais Daycare/Noon-Hour
Kelly O’Connell Daycare/Noon-Hour
Angela Sauvé Daycare/Noon-Hour
Nadia Shattler Noon-Hour
Katsia Shebetava Noon-Hour
Cinzia Strizzi Daycare/Noon-Hour
Laura Thomas Daycare/Noon-Hour