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Daycare Technician: Yvon Denault

86 Promenade Crescent
Gatineau, QC J9H 1T6

Tel: 819-684-6565 ext. 2

Daycare Staff


Position Contact
Yvon Denault Daycare Technician
Kimberly Allen Daycare/Noon-Hour
Carolyn Beaucaire Noon-Hour (Daycare Supply)
Heather Clark Bender Daycare/Noon-Hour
Genevieve Derouin Daycare/Noon-Hour
Diane Labaz Daycare
Tammy Lavallee Noon-Hour
Debra Lavigne Daycare
Linda Morrissette Daycare
Kelly O’Connell Noon-Hour
Laurie O’Connell Daycare/Noon-Hour
Katya Shebetava Noon-Hour
Norma Splane Daycare/Noon-Hour, AM Bus, Attendant to the Handicapped