Daycare Policies

Daycare Policies

Attendance Policy

Attendance is one of the most important functions of the Daycare routine. Staff is required to take attendance daily to ensure that all of our students are in daycare. With this in mind, please remind your child daily to hand in any pertinent notes regarding any changes in schedule and routine.

Parents/guardians are asked to call the Daycare by 9:00 a.m., at 819-684-6565 ex. 2, if your child will be absent from the Daycare that day. You may leave messages on the Daycare answering machine as they are checked regularly. Any child on the attendance list that is absent will be followed up by the daycare staff.

Classroom teachers are given a list of students from their class who attend Daycare. These lists are kept up-to-date and changes can be made as required.



In the event of an accident, parents/guardians will be notified immediately. If we are unable to reach a parent/guardian, the emergency contact will be called.

If the accident is considered severe enough to require immediate medical attention, arrangements will be made to take the child to the local clinic or hospital and we will inform the person we contact where to meet the staff member. Should an ambulance be required, it will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility to defray the cost.

Parents/guardians should note that the only health and accident insurance which applies to the students is the normal coverage under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan. The Western Quebec School Board does not carry additional coverage for injuries or illness which occurs in daycare, and which could lead to ambulance transportation, dental care or any other expenses not covered by Quebec Medicare. Parents/guardians should ensure that they carry proper coverage against these eventualities.


Health and Medication

The daycare cannot keep a sick child; our policy is the same as the school’s policy. Parents/guardians must make sure that, in case of emergency, someone can come get the child as soon as possible after being notified of the circumstances.

The Daycare has a first aid kit for minor injuries. No medication will be administered without parent’s written consent. If a child requires medication, a doctor’s prescription must be presented to the Daycare Technician.

It is also extremely important that a parent/guardian inform the Daycare Technician of any serious health problems: allergies, diabetes, asthma, etc. In case of prolonged sickness and illness, parents/guardians must notify the Daycare.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that the Daycare has up-to-date names and telephone numbers of people who will be available should an emergency situation arise and parents/guardians cannot be reached. It is also important for parents/guardians to share the emergency information with their child and to review and/or update it regularly.

School Closing

In case of early school closure due to an emergency (i.e. ice storm, power outage), the Daycare will also be closed. It is absolutely essential that parents/guardians inform their child where to go if no parent/guardian is home. Please note that once parents/guardians have been informed of a school closure, it is their responsibility to ensure that their child is picked up or that alternate arrangements have been made.

School Evacuation

In the event of a school evacuation, our first relocation point is Ecole des Cavaliers, with the secondary location being L’Ecole Rapides-Deschenes.