Parents & Guardians

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to complete Daycare registration promptly and keep all Daycare payments up to date and in full at all times. A notice of two paid weeks must be given if you plan to remove your child from the daycare before the end of the school year.

As part of our safety procedures, the daycare is responsible for your child from the moment they arrive at the daycare until they leave; therefore, parents/guardians are required to both sign-in and sign-out their children daily by initialing in the proper space on the forms. Children must not be left alone in the yard. Once you have arrived, you are responsible for your child.

Parents/guardians must pick up their children at the Daycare entrance area as soon as they arrive and are not to circulate in the Daycare rooms, school hallways or classrooms without special permission (in extreme circumstances).

Parents/guardians must introduce themselves to the attending educator to ensure that the educator has seen them before leaving with their child. For security reasons, please use the school’s left side door for drop-off and pick-up instead of parking at the front of the school. When parking, please be careful not to block traffic, the street or the entrances and exits. Please be vigilant and drive responsibly at all times as there may be children walking in the surrounding area. Furthermore, please note that there is no left turn on Crescent Drive between 7:00 am and 8:30 am.

If, for whatever reason, there is a change to a child’s schedule, parents/guardians are responsible for communicating that change to the Daycare Technician. If no change has been confirmed, the child will stay at Daycare as planned to ensure their safety. Please keep all schedules and contact information current and provide written confirmation when possible.

Parents are expected to encourage their children to respect their school and daycare. Parents are encouraged to maintain positive communication with the staff and are to bring any questions or concerns to the attention of the Daycare Technician.

Enjoy your day and let us worry about the rest!


Children must be respectful to the adults, the other children and the environment. The children must play safely and abide by the Daycare’s rules and regulations. The children are not to circulate in the school without authorization from an educator. Children are responsible for their own belongings and cannot go back to a classroom after the end of the regular school day.

Parents are advised that expensive and highly sought after toys need to be left at home. The Daycare is not responsible for lost or damaged toys. Additionally, children tend to quarrel over toys. The daycare provides toys, games and equipment; therefore, it is advised that all personal belongings be left at home. Furthermore, in accordance with school policy, no electronics are permitted at Daycare.

In our environment, it is very important that we establish clear, fair and precise limits. These limits must be applied equally, throughout the day, by our entire team. As a result, if a student fails to respect our policies or instructions, natural consequences will be determined and applied by that student’s educator for that particular instance. Naturally, the degree of consequence will vary based on the severity of the action.


Financially, it is the Daycare Technician’s responsibility to provide proper receipts for parents, maintain up-to-date records and to issue an annual income tax receipt when required by government law. The Daycare’s main priority is to provide a safe and happy environment for the children. While maintaining positive, open communication with parents, we will not only respect all environmental regulations concerning the care of children, but we will be respectful when we interact with the children and use every opportunity and resource available to enhance their development.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Yvon Denault, Daycare Technician, by email or phone 819.684.6565 ext 2.