Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At South Hull School, we are committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for all. At our school, violence of all forms and bullying are not tolerated and these are treated punctually and seriously.

Here, we are open and respectful of differences and everyone has a place. Our staff is committed to supporting students and working together to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Our values are conveyed by numerous actions taken throughout the year. We are convinced that the abolition of violence and bullying at school is possible if we act as committed citizens.

Our school’s Code of Conduct aims to develop students’ autonomy, ensure students’ safety and meet their needs. They help to create a climate conducive to learning and respect the orientations of our success plan and the values advocated by the school: success through respect, equity, commitment and collaboration.

Teachers have the right to teach and students the right to learn in a calm and positive climate. The  Code of Conduct exists to make this possible. View the Code of Conduct on page 4 of our South Hull Student Handout 2020-2021.