Governing Board

Governing Board

On December 19, 1997, the National Assembly passed Bill 180, an act to amend the Education Act.  This bill has had a direct impact on parent and staff involvement in our schools through the creation of Governing Boards.

The Governing Board is a structure for the involvement of parents and staff in the management of the school.  The Governing Board has decision-making powers and will work with the principal to meet the local needs of the students and the community.  The Governing Board General Assembly will be held during the open-house on September 22, 2016.

2020-2021 Board Membership

Parent Members Staff Members Other Members
Tania Lambert


Chris Beauchamp


Celine Sevigny


Aaron Dolan Elyse Clarke


Mark Keeping


Adam Guay Lisa Ienzi


Anne Maloney Emma Martin


Daniel Martimbeault

(Parent Rep) 

Kimberley McCready


Laura O’Rourke Backa


Syobhan Petrin


Chloe O’Shaughnessy


 Norma Splane


Angie Strahl


Shujaat Wasty