School Policies

School Policies

Bus Transportation

A student may not take another bus or get on or off at another bus stop unless there are extenuating circumstances and prior arrangements have been made through the school office.  The first request is free of charge; a $50.00 fee is applicable for subsequent requests.  Notes sent to school requesting your child take another bus to go to a friend’s house will not be accepted. Students who are registered at daycare full-time are not entitled to bus transportation.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s bus transportation, you are to contact the school directly at 819-684-6565.  Please review the transportation policy in the agenda.

Absent Students

Parents/guardians are expected to contact the school by phone at (819) 684-6565 and leave a message or by e-mailing Linda Hennink at as early as possible if their child(ren) will be late or not attending school.  The school will attempt to contact parents/guardians to verify absences if the school was not contacted.

Early Pick-Up / Change to End-of-Day Routine

If a child is being picked-up early after school or is not following their regular end-of-day routine (i.e. daycare instead of bus), a separate note is required (not in the agenda please) on that day indicating the changes, the date, your child’s full name, and the teacher’s name.  All pick-ups (unless attending Daycare) are at the main-door office so that parents/guardians can sign children out.  Please do not leave a message on the school answering machine after 2:00 PM as messages are sometimes not checked until after dismissal.

School Cancellation and Emergency Dismissal

To verify school closure due to inclement weather, log on to the Western Quebec School Board website at under Inclement Weather, or follow the Inclement Weather Twitter account. Parents/guardians are required to supply the school with any changes in telephone numbers needed for emergency purposes.  An emergency contact card will be sent home at the beginning of the school year and must be filled out by a parent/guardian and returned to school.

Safe Arrival / Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality are important for a student’s success and are recorded throughout the day.  Children who arrive late can disrupt class and often miss the instructional portion of the lesson, making it difficult to catch up.  Please help us by getting your child to school every day and on time.  Please ensure that students arrive with their morning snacks, lunches, daycare snacks if required, backpacks, homework, and any other items that are needed for the school day.

Article 18 of the Education Act, “The principal shall ascertain, in the manner determined by the school board, that students attend school regularly.  Where a student is repeatedly absent without a valid excuse, the principal or the person designated by him shall intervene with the student and his parents to come to an agreement with them and with the persons providing the school social services with respect to the most appropriate measures to remedy the situation.  When the intervention does not allow the situation to be remedied, the principal, after notifying the parents of the student in writing, shall report it to the director of youth protection”.

If your child is not attending Daycare and is being dropped off in the morning, please note that drop-off through the office at the main entrance of the school begins at 7:45 AM. To ensure that students arrive safely, we ask that parents accompany their child(ren) to the office when being dropped off in the morning.

Supervision officially starts at 7:45 AM; no child should be on school property before this time unless they are registered with the Daycare.  If a child arrives at school before staff supervision begins, they will be sent to Daycare and the parents/guardians will be charged a $6.00 fee.  At the end of the day, children waiting at the office for parents past 2:45 PM will be placed in Daycare and the parents will be charged $11.00.

School Security

All staff and volunteers must have a security check done; the office has the necessary forms for this.  In order to maintain a safe school, all visitors, including parents/guardians, must report to the office where they sign the visitors’ log and indicate the reason for their visit.  Visitors will be given a visitor’s pass that must be visible to school staff at all times.  No visitor will be permitted into a classroom without prior permission from the teacher.  No child is permitted to leave school property alone unless the child walks home at lunch or after school.  Parents/guardians are not allowed to pick up their child from the school yard or bus area at the end of the day.  All students must be picked up through the main-door office.

Parking & City Bylaws

We understand that there is a lack of parking around the school. Please be reminded that, due to limited space, there is no parking in either of the staff parking lots. There is a 15-minute free-zone in front of the school. Parking can also be found on Crescent Drive west of Vanier, on Crescent Drive east of the school, on Oval Drive and behind the school on Lynn Street.